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Slijterij Frans Muthert was founded in 1918 and started as a retailer and wholesaler in grocery products. Later it became a self-service store with a liqueur store followed by a liqueur store only. A store with a large whisk(e)y range as well as a variety of wines, beers and other spirits. We are located in Musselkanaal, in the northern part of the Netherlands, but serve customers in all parts of the world.


Since February 2013 our range of fine whisk(e)y’s, cognacs, rums, liqueurs, wines and more can also be found in our webshop (in English). With this company we also sell and ship a wide range of products worldwide. All shop links on this blog (called: kopen) refer to Though this blog is in Dutch it can easily be translated here.

Since the 27th of May 2016 Slijterij Frans Muthert & are one of the 5 Dutch Ardbeg Embassy’s as well.

Ardbeg -  Fotografie  Peter Blokzijl.-9266

We mainly write about new products, mostly whisky, wine and spirits, complemented by reviews, wine and food, whisky and food and more. If you want to be up-to-date about one or more of our product segments you can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter, or visit one of our websites. For questions and remarks, please feel free to email us: or

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